Why even vote for judge?


  • The size of dockets is growing faster than budgets.

  • The old ways no longer serve the community like they once did.

  • Inefficient courts cost you. Now more than ever, judges need to be effective and efficient.

  • A judge needs to be prepared, on time, and committed to the tasks before them. Judges hold individuals accountable for their actions; they should be held accountable as well.



Absolutely! Some attorneys get burnt out on the struggle and stress of a law firm and think being a judge is a better option. They may think, “It’ll be less work, more money, and I will be respected.” This is not the mindset we want on the bench. Being a judge should be harder. A great judge will work more. They will earn the respect of those that appear before them. They will be professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to serving their community.



I have been working in the courts for the past 20 years. I’ve been on all sides – a prosecutor, private attorney, appointed attorney, and on the bench. It is easy to be a judge who doles out punishment. It is challenging to be a problem solver – but that’s me.

I have found that properly addressing an individual’s underlying issues with early intervention has an impact. It will impact their community by reducing resources spent on future court hearings. It saves time and money for everyone involved, the judicial system and the individual.

Time and money should be spent on individuals who are a danger to the community. I will manage my courtroom by using a balance of deterrence and punishment in an effective and efficient manner with community safety always in mind.


Don’t leave it blank, it matters! Fill it in – Vote Deanna Crull for Spokane County District Court Judge, Position 6!